A new standard designating the highest level of sustainability for a product.  The cycle begins with a consumer purchasing one of our current products (wetsuits or sunglasses) because at the moment we pledge 2% of the sale toward coral reef restoration projects. At this moment consumers become regenerators due to this commitment.  They then enjoy our high performance product knowing that it was made from recycled calcium carbonate for the seafood industry waste and other organic substances.The cycle completes when our regenerators send us their used wetsuit so we can recycle it and provide a discount on another Virtuous Cycle product.


A virtuous cycle in business is when a business is so successful that it markets itself.  We know that virtue is also about caring for our oceans, environment and planet so future generations can have as much fun playing in and on our world.  Products with our Virtuous Cycle designation are products that have the same cyclical life as our wetsuits and thereby preserve our precious ecosystems. And that is great business for everyone!

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