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We’re thrilled to welcome you to Mahulu, where we’re dedicated to elevating your watersport adventures with the best high performance eco-friendly wetsuit and water sports apparel line anywhere. Whether you’re a seasoned or novice kitesurfer, surfer or eFoiler we have the perfect wetsuits in store for you.

Imagine gearing up for an exhilarating kite surfing or surfing session and slipping into one of Mahulu’s  meticulously crafted wetsuits designed for the sport. You’ll instantly notice the snug yet comfortable fit that feels almost like a second skin. Crafted from our cutting-edge ecofoam technology, the material feels like a thermal skin.  It is softer and more comfortable than the competition (petroleum-based wetsuits) so you will forget that you have anything on. The warmth is all that will remind you that you are wearing a high-performance wetsuit.  And for those seeking an extra layer of cold protection, Mahulu’s 5/4 wetsuit provide exactly that. These wetsuits are engineered for dedicated watersport enthusiasts who demand top-tier durability and performance.

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter, explore our range of 3/2 wetsuits, perfect for those warmer days. And our 4/3 wetsuit collection is ideal for those transitional season days. For the ladies, we’ve curated a special women’s wetsuit collection that seamlessly combines style with our high-performance features. 

Not only will you be wearing the industry’s best performing wetsuit, but the most eco-awesome anywhere – they are made from calcium carbonate harvested from recycled oyster shells mixed with sustainable rubber and glues.  

Venturing into cold waters has always been a battle between the love for the sport and the energy-stealing chill. Put on a Mahulu wetsuit and even the coldest days on the water will be energized and make you feel like any challenge is surmountable. 


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23 Mahulu Surfing Sunglasses - Surfing Accessories

Storm Rider
Polarized Sunglasses

We have developed some of the coolest accessories to step up your game and complement your gear.

Our eco-awesome sunglasses aren’t just stylish, they also have our multitier lens technology that includes UV 400 Isolation layers, a polarized layer, strike-resistant layers, and a protective film resulting in high performance and durability.

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