Made For People.

Made For The Planet.

Mahulu Wetsuits.

Oil and water don’t mix. The water sports industry must move past petroleum-based neoprene wetsuits to protect the planet.

Mahulu’s seashell wetsuits minimize our carbon footprint while maximizing performance in the water. Without sacrificing warmth, our wetsuits are more flexible and durable than others on the market. We’ve built a sustainable wetsuit at an affordable price because we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between personal performance and protecting the planet.

Environmentally friendly doesn’t mean sustainable. Other wetsuits claim to minimize their impact on the planet, we want to maximize ours. Four percent of every purchase goes towards coral reef restoration in the Indonesia. We’re regenerating the planet, not destroying it. That’s an impact we want to maximize.

People, Planet, Profit. In that order. Businesses of the twenty first century must improve the lives of every person and ecosystem they touch. What good are shareholder returns when the planet becomes uninhabitable? Business as usual isn’t working. Let’s build something new!