Mahulu represents the limitless possibility of a business with an unwavering commitment to people and planet before profit. Our seashell wetsuits offer the warmth, flexibility, and durability you need to make your never-gonna-forget-it and finally-landed-it moments a reality. 

We embrace the challenges of doing ethical business in the twenty-first century. That’s why we think of our wetsuits not as products, but as product cycles. Each step of the product’s life cycle has a positive impact on both people and the planet. 

It starts with our biofoam, made from the byproducts of the seafood industry that we divert from a landfill, which reduces waste and minimizes our carbon footprint. We exclusively use biodegradable and recyclable materials to manufacture and package our wetsuits. When they arrive at your local surf shop, our wetsuits are priced competitively, so you don’t have to break the bank to make the eco-friendly choice. After every purchase, we direct 4% towards restoring coral reefs in Indonesia, all while providing you the highest performance wetsuit possible.

It’s simply not enough to stop destroying the planet. To protect the ocean we play in everyday, we have to start restoring it. This isn’t just “Leave no trace,” this is “Leave it better than you found it.”