Eco-friendly doesn’t mean sustainable. Other wetsuits claim to minimize their impact on the planet, we want to maximize ours. We’re regenerating the planet, not destroying it. That’s an impact we want to maximize with our neoprene-free ecofoam.

People, Planet, Profit. In that order. Businesses of the 21st century must improve the lives of every person and ecosystems they touch. Let’s build something new together.

Why Choose Sustainable

Making Choices That Matter

The Virtuous Cycle Model

Not taking from the environment isn’t new.  Any decent outdoorsman knows to leave a campsite cleaner than they found it.  What is new is our complete Virtuous Cycle of commerce. 

Even before the moment a customer buys our product the cycle begins. It starts with the creation of our high performance, environmentally friendly products. At the point of sale, a portion of every purchase goes directly towards the regeneration of an ecosystem related to that product.

The cycle comes to a close when the consumer recycles that product (or a competitor’s) with us – thereby beginning a new life cycle.  In that process, our customers transform from consumers to  regenerators. 

They become part of Mahulu’s ecologically virtuous narrative.

The Virtuous Cycle of the Mahulu Wetsuit

When you purchase one, the cycle begins: 2% of all sales go to regenerating coral reefs around the world. 

When you wear one, you are part of the solution as you are not wrapped in a petroleum byproduct, but instead wearing a sustainable, eco-friendly product.

When you’re done with one, you send us the wetsuit and we recycle it and give you a discount on your new suit and the cycle begins anew.

Made for People. Made for The Planet.


Customer Returns

Customers can return their old neoprene wetsuit (or biofoam) to our North American Returns processing site in Waitsfield, VT.

For each wetsuit received, the sender will get a unique 15% off coupon towards their next Online purchase. A unique coupon code will be sent to the sender via email. This code can be applied to an online order on the Mahulu website.

The sender just needs to email a picture of their mailing receipt to and enclose the sender’s email address with the wetsuit so we can match the suit with the picture sent.  The coupon will be send via email to this email address – presumable the same one from where the picture was sent.

We will also have an online form that customers can fill out and then print and enclose with the used wetsuit.
Coming March 2024

Retail Returns

A retailer can collect wetsuits from their customers and offer discounts that they deem appropriate. Then retailers can send wetsuits to the Mahulu collection point at their cost. For each one they mail to Mahulu they get 5% off their next order on a per suit basis. So if they mail us 10 wetsuits (their shipping cost) they receive 5% off the next 10 suits they order to restock. (We will match thicknesses if practical.  Otherwise the 5% applies to the cost of a 3/2 suit.)
Circular Flow Brand Logo 11

We have partnered with Circular Flow as part of their wetsuit takeback scheme.

8,300 tonnes of old wetsuits end up in landfill every year, so every wetsuit that is sent back to us at Mahulu will make a real difference, protecting the oceans we love and reducing harmful pollution from incineration.

Circular Flow are helping the wetsuit industry become much more eco-friendly due to their closed-loop neoprene recycling process. Rather than allowing wetsuits and other neoprene products to be incinerated or go to landfill, Circular Flow undertakes a full breakdown of wetsuits and off-cuts and re-processes them into new, recycled products. Even zips and plastic parts can be recycled, ensuring zero waste is generated.

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