If you’re all about flexibility and comfort in your diving gear, you’re going to love Mahulu’s 2/2 wetsuits. These suits are designed for those in-between water temperatures, providing just the right amount of insulation without overheating. The 2mm ecofoam material is your ticket to unrestricted movement, allowing you to explore the underwater world with ease.

For a versatile wetsuit that adapts to various water conditions, look no further than Mahulu’s meticulously crafted 3/2 wetsuits. Engineered with precision, these suits are designed to provide optimal comfort without sacrificing performance. The 3mm ecofoam material strikes a perfect balance, offering flexibility while keeping you cozy in milder temperatures. Whether you’re a male diver seeking a reliable mens 3/2 wetsuit or a female diver in search of the perfect fit, our women’s 3 2 wetsuit caters to all.

When it comes to striking the perfect balance between warmth and flexibility, Mahulu’s 4/3 wetsuits lead the way. Our meticulously designed 4/3 wetsuits are crafted to provide optimal comfort for divers of all levels. The 4mm ecofoam material ensures you stay snug in cooler waters without compromising on mobility. Whether you’re a male diver in search of a reliable mens 4 3 wetsuit or a female diver seeking a tailored 4 3 wetsuit for women, our 4/3 wetsuits cater to all.

Picture this: you’re gearing up for a cold-water dive, and you slip into Mahulu’s 5 4 wetsuit. Instantly, you feel the snug, yet comfortable fit. It’s like a second skin. The 5mm ecofoam material provides remarkable warmth – even in those icy depths. And for those who want that extra shield, we’ve got hooded 5 4 wetsuits on offer. Trust me, these 5/4 wetsuits are built for serious divers who demand durability and top-notch performance.

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