From “Chair Surfer” to Mahulu’s Eco-Warrior

 The Wheelie Good Story!

Ahoy there, ocean adventurers and eco-champions! 🏄‍♂️
Ever heard of someone turning a wheelchair into a boardroom?
Yep, that’s me Gray Robinson, the accidental eco-warrior with a touch of wheelie-good humor! 🪑🤪
Picture this: a fall from 7 meters, a pair of broken legs, and a surprise six-month date with my trusty wheelchair. 🚑💥 But instead of sulking, I decided to turn my downtime into Mahulu magic!
Mahulu—the name’s a mashup of Mother Earth and pure stoke. 🌏 It all started in that wheelchair. Between wheelie competitions and pondering life’s mysteries, I thought, “Why not build the world’s gnarliest, most eco-friendly wetsuits?” So, I traded my wheels for waves and turned my passion into a game-changing eco-venture! 🏄‍♂️
Kitesurf instructor? Check. Scuba guru? Double-check. Business-builder extraordinaire? You betcha! My journey’s been a wild ride, from teaching kitesurfing on three continents to crafting the Mahulu legacy. 🌬️🌊
Now, I ride waves with a purpose—Mahulu wetsuits are made from food waste, not petroleum! ♻️ And guess what? We’re not just about looking fly in sustainable gear. We’re about giving back, too. With 2% of our profits riding the wave of ocean restoration, we’re making sure our oceans stay as stoked as we are. 🌞🌊
So, to all you ocean lovers and fellow dreamers, here’s to turns, twists, and unexpected inspirations. From chair surfer to Mahulu’s eco-visionary, remember: life’s wipeouts can lead to the wildest wipe-on solutions! 🚑🌎🤣