Roadtrip Blog: Road Trip – Version UK

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Road Trip – Version UK

DateAugust 31, 2022
LocationBrighton, Cornwall, Wittering, Bournemouth, Devon, Lands End
AuthorGray Robinson


I awoke with a start and knew my idea was good – a bit irregular, somewhat ambitious, some may say a little nutty, but I knew that bringing the eco-awesome ethos of Mahulu to the UK required it!

Ride the storm!


The execution of the plan seemed daunting at first, but with the backing of my executive team, a one-month open train ticket around the UK, and of course, a high-performance electric longboard (skateboard), the tour around Great Britain seemed to have entered the realm of the possible. 


I started in in Brighton, as I then headed deep into Cornwall along the south coast of England hitting East Wittering, Hayling Island, Bournemouth, Devon and Lands End – the southernmost point of the UK. My door-to-door road show had me cruising on my high-performance electric longboard, a sample of our Mahulu eco-awesome wetsuit over my shoulder, my passport in my pocket, a change of clothes on my back and a determination in my head! All focused on bringing Mahulu’s sustainable wetsuits into the consciousness of UKs surf shops and industry leaders.


For the next 5 weeks, I traversed England and Scotland going store to store using Google Maps as my guide (I had to use the “bicycle” option of Google Maps, as there is no “longboard” option!), heading to the pre-mapped distribution and retail shop destinations across the UK. The train would ultimately get me where I needed to be on the long hauls across the UK and my board would be my mode of transportation around the UKs top surf towns.


I visited the UK’s top distributors and retail shop owners (most of whom were surprised to see a “sales rep” hop off their electric longboard) as I presented them with our new technology in high performance eco-friendly, oyster-shell based, sustainable wetsuits! The excitement was obvious – for the wetsuit technology, Mahulu’s core ethos, and the spirit, determination and sheer incredulity of my door-to-door, skateboarding roadtrip!